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A writer seeking more...

2008-11-14 19:13:40 by Cerebreus

Hi there. Cody here.

I do have another account, which is threebulls, but I want to make this one my main one.

I'm a writer who is willing to volunteer to write ideas for people for free, with certain exceptions.

Proving myself as a writer here should at least open up some avenues for me.

I plan on making another journal soon with a specific project in mind, but I didn't want to make it the first journal. It's better on its own.

I hope to find opportunities here.

I wish you all well. Bye.


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2008-11-14 19:18:09

Hey good luck dude! May piece be with you on your quest for opportunities.


Cerebreus responds:

Thanks. I appreciate this comment.

I just made a new journal, just so you know. I really,m really hope a lot of people see it. It's not showing up on the updates page, which I hope to fix, possibly by re-submitting it.

If you're a Batman fan or know one, it should be worth a look. It's a sort of teaser to a story I have in mind focusing on the Riddler.

I need an animator, so if you read the journal, would you suggest others look at it if you like what you read?

You don't have to, but I thought I should ask in case it interests you.