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?: The Riddler's Last...

2008-11-14 19:49:46 by Cerebreus

Edward Nigma, the man who has terrorized gotham for years as the Riddler, is dying, yet his obsession to outsmart Batman is all he still desires.

He cannot be turned away.

He will not be denied.

He is willing to do the most atrocious things to have his wish.

Nothing will prevent him from having his wish.

But as he sits in his cell plotting, Edward hears a voice calling to him.

An enigmatic being speaks to him and tells him that it seeks to lead Edward onto the path of light, but will also work to grant Edward's wish as well.

Edward does not see how both can be accomplished, but is willing to try. This may, after all, be the Riddler's Last...


The above is a sampling of an idea I have. It is a Batman fan-fiction focusing on the Riddler. It is definitely NOT a sexual fantasy like some fan-fiction, but is meant to be a legitimate take on the setting and characters.

I am a writer and NOT a flash artist, and so I need a good animator.

I think a trailer of the opening scene (which is more detailed than what's above) should be made to test the receptiveness of the idea.

If any artists are willing to bring this mini-series to life, please contact me on this account and try to show me an example of your work as an artist.

I am willing to give ideas for free. This is one of the few that has special meaning to me, so it is one I want to have a lot of involvement in and is something I rather not take lightly.

If it isn't too much, would any of you be willing to direct people to this journal, so that I have a better chance of bring this idea to life?

It should be worth it for Batman and Riddler fans.

Thats it for now.

Thanks again for everything. I wish you well. Bye!

EDIT: I would appreciate any opinions on this idea. :END EDIT

EDIT2: Trying to get this thing to at least appear once on the news page so people have a better chance to see it. I repeat, once. :END EDIT2


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2008-11-14 21:40:51

Though im no batman fan, I like the way you set it out, it fills in the mood :3

Cerebreus responds:

So, I take that is a no as something to try?

If you are interested, let me know, because as of now I am seeing it as a no.


2008-11-14 22:11:44

Its a no as something to try, I dont really like doing tributs. Stick to originality

Cerebreus responds:

It's not meant to be a tribute, but I respect your decision nonetheless.


2008-12-29 02:13:18

I am glad that you enjoy my work, though I am primarily a game maker, and will not be able to meet quality standards of the storyline you have created.