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Posted by Cerebreus - January 12th, 2009

For years, Edward Nigma has terrorized Gotham City as the Riddler, trying to achieve two elusive and seemingly impossible goals. He seeks to create a riddle that Batman can't solve, and he wants to solve the riddle of Batman's identity. In essence, he wants to create a new ultimate riddle and solve the existing one.

As time progressed, his desire has become an obsession. It consumes him completely.

Now, however, his body is slowly dying from an incurable disease. The limit on his lifespan has created the removal of self-imposed limits. He is panicking, and is planning the most heinous things to accomlish his plans before it is too late.

The doctors at the Asylum have given up on him and believe he is too far gone. Even the Riddler himself believes this. His room was reinforced with permanent locks and it seemed that he was destined to die with his wishes unfulfilled.

Fate may have its plans, but so to does a mysterious being that finds the Riddler in the grips of desperation.

Calling to Edward from inside his cell, it desires to bring him back to the light.

Edward refused, until he learned that, as part of bringing him back to the light, it would help him with the two ultimate riddles.

Desperate and without alternatives, he agrees. After all, this is...

The Riddler's Last Chance...
The Riddler's Last Hope...
The Riddler's Last Riddle...
The Riddler's Last...


The above is a teaser to a story I have in mind. I'm going to need someone to animate it, or at least draw pictures of it and make it a comic.

It has to be animated from a cinematic viewpoint. Like a movie, NOT a theater stage. Nothing against the latter, but it wouldn't work for this story.

I'm a writer, not an animator, so I am posting this with the hope that someone can animate it, or they will know someone who does.

If you know someone who might like this, do NOT offer their services without their approval. Get THEM to contact me, if possible.

That's it for now.

I hope someone out there will help with this, so please keep this on your minds in case you know someone who might be interested.

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yay my flash is one of the near 100 faved movies on your list!

Well, it was a good flash. The end was surprising, but made sense and was funny.

By the way, I don't think your animation style would be good for the idea I have in mind that's listed in this journal. If it's not too much, could you let other people who might be interested know about this journal? If it is too much, oh well. But I just though I should ask.

Thanks for faving my everything :P. Well I guess me in general. Thanks a ton.

Oh yeah, join my website's forums and I'll make you a mod O-O

Good stuff, although similar to your last post

It is. I just wanted to edit it.

Sorry for the reply after so long. I just discovered this message.

Does this site even tell you that you have new journals comments?

hey thanks for faovitring my animation! now help me alittle further by suggesting it to the star trek collection! and im willinh to help you with this idea you have in your above blogish thng we have on this site.

seems that the riddler is 'bout to get killed(or at least sumthing bad)hey thanks for dding me to faves

thx for faving my Mario her majesty vid man.

hey its sounds like it could be a good story. i hope you create it.