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Save Gaza Save Gaza

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Playing the game...

I thought I should write this review to comment on the game, but also to help people play.

Instructions to people1: The top edge of the broom is used to hit things. The middle of the straw will not work. It has to be the top.

Criticism to author1: Make it the middle of the broon, or alert people that the top is what is used. People will expect it to be the middle of the broom.

Instructions to people2: The items bob upwards. Hitting the items will cause them to stop bobbing up and to head down. They will NOT drop down immediately, but will go at the angle they were heading already. So, hitting items that are going left will cause them to descend left, while items hit while going right will descend right. They descend like an arrow shot.

Criticism to author2: This feature isn't made apparent either. From the instructions, peole expect them to fall immediately. Either make them fall immediately, or give a creative reason they descend instead of fall. You could say that the items represent "support" (both good and bad) that people are throwing, and that they "lean" from one side to the other. Or something like that.

It's an okay game, but if it's political, it needs more. Explain why each team has the members it does.

Personally, I think the ones attacking Israel have most of the blame. Israel has some blame, but the majority of it is the rocket attackers' fault. I am not anti-arab. I would like both sides to compromise. And I mean BOTH sides. I am sympathetic to the Israelis and Arabs.

I'll not say more here, since this is a game review. Anyone who wants to talk more should PM me.

Note to the author: Maybe you can make a game that shows sympathy to Israelis and Arabs. Since they seem to be opposing each other, it would be sad and accurate commentary on the fighting: I want to root for both peoples, but the fighting causes conflict within me.

I hope to see the game improved. And for the fighting to end.

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Adventures Of Gyro Atoms Adventures Of Gyro Atoms

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game, but...

Good game, but really buggy. I had to restart the game when it froze during the second ninja level.

By the way, after the game clear screen after beating Dr. Chill, is there anything shown afterwards?

You see, after I beat him, I was waiting for the game to end, and ended up getting a game over.

Every time I get a game over, the screen goes black. Is there something that is suppose to happen, because I wait awhile, then get impatient and restart the game.

So, after I got the game clear screen (after getting a game over), the screen turns black, then stays that way.

Would you please tell me if something is suppose to happen after the game clear screen? If so, I'll play the game again to see what I missed.

Please get back to me on this.

Anywho, great game, but it is buggy. If you want me to describe the bugs, let me now and I'll try to get back to you on that.

Noidzor Noidzor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game, but...

Great game, but I have some complaints.

1. Any time the main ball creates an explosion, it ALWAYS goes to the right, even if had been bouncing leftward. This can make games go longer because the ball can get "stuck," and takes away from the otherwise accurate physics.

2. Could you refill the HP and MP bars before each level? Normally, I would not complain, but on a certain level, there are projectile launchers that are near impossible to dodge unless you expect the shoots. As soon as the level starts, it shoots as you. While this is true of all the projectile launchers I've encountered so far, these are low to the ground and on both sides. It's basically a cheap shot.

3. Music seems to be too soft. The sound effects are much louder, so if someone wanted to hear the music during the game, they had to listen to the other sound effects, which can be annoying if there are multiball balls on the field.

That's it for now. I'm trying to beat this game before trying Noidzor 2 so I can see what happens in this game, but man is this game hard (and sometimes unfairly I am sad to say).

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