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Posted by Cerebreus - January 12th, 2009

For years, Edward Nigma has terrorized Gotham City as the Riddler, trying to achieve two elusive and seemingly impossible goals. He seeks to create a riddle that Batman can't solve, and he wants to solve the riddle of Batman's identity. In essence, he wants to create a new ultimate riddle and solve the existing one.

As time progressed, his desire has become an obsession. It consumes him completely.

Now, however, his body is slowly dying from an incurable disease. The limit on his lifespan has created the removal of self-imposed limits. He is panicking, and is planning the most heinous things to accomlish his plans before it is too late.

The doctors at the Asylum have given up on him and believe he is too far gone. Even the Riddler himself believes this. His room was reinforced with permanent locks and it seemed that he was destined to die with his wishes unfulfilled.

Fate may have its plans, but so to does a mysterious being that finds the Riddler in the grips of desperation.

Calling to Edward from inside his cell, it desires to bring him back to the light.

Edward refused, until he learned that, as part of bringing him back to the light, it would help him with the two ultimate riddles.

Desperate and without alternatives, he agrees. After all, this is...

The Riddler's Last Chance...
The Riddler's Last Hope...
The Riddler's Last Riddle...
The Riddler's Last...


The above is a teaser to a story I have in mind. I'm going to need someone to animate it, or at least draw pictures of it and make it a comic.

It has to be animated from a cinematic viewpoint. Like a movie, NOT a theater stage. Nothing against the latter, but it wouldn't work for this story.

I'm a writer, not an animator, so I am posting this with the hope that someone can animate it, or they will know someone who does.

If you know someone who might like this, do NOT offer their services without their approval. Get THEM to contact me, if possible.

That's it for now.

I hope someone out there will help with this, so please keep this on your minds in case you know someone who might be interested.

Posted by Cerebreus - November 14th, 2008

Edward Nigma, the man who has terrorized gotham for years as the Riddler, is dying, yet his obsession to outsmart Batman is all he still desires.

He cannot be turned away.

He will not be denied.

He is willing to do the most atrocious things to have his wish.

Nothing will prevent him from having his wish.

But as he sits in his cell plotting, Edward hears a voice calling to him.

An enigmatic being speaks to him and tells him that it seeks to lead Edward onto the path of light, but will also work to grant Edward's wish as well.

Edward does not see how both can be accomplished, but is willing to try. This may, after all, be the Riddler's Last...


The above is a sampling of an idea I have. It is a Batman fan-fiction focusing on the Riddler. It is definitely NOT a sexual fantasy like some fan-fiction, but is meant to be a legitimate take on the setting and characters.

I am a writer and NOT a flash artist, and so I need a good animator.

I think a trailer of the opening scene (which is more detailed than what's above) should be made to test the receptiveness of the idea.

If any artists are willing to bring this mini-series to life, please contact me on this account and try to show me an example of your work as an artist.

I am willing to give ideas for free. This is one of the few that has special meaning to me, so it is one I want to have a lot of involvement in and is something I rather not take lightly.

If it isn't too much, would any of you be willing to direct people to this journal, so that I have a better chance of bring this idea to life?

It should be worth it for Batman and Riddler fans.

Thats it for now.

Thanks again for everything. I wish you well. Bye!

EDIT: I would appreciate any opinions on this idea. :END EDIT

EDIT2: Trying to get this thing to at least appear once on the news page so people have a better chance to see it. I repeat, once. :END EDIT2

Posted by Cerebreus - November 14th, 2008

Hi there. Cody here.

I do have another account, which is threebulls, but I want to make this one my main one.

I'm a writer who is willing to volunteer to write ideas for people for free, with certain exceptions.

Proving myself as a writer here should at least open up some avenues for me.

I plan on making another journal soon with a specific project in mind, but I didn't want to make it the first journal. It's better on its own.

I hope to find opportunities here.

I wish you all well. Bye.